Brett and Nikki Woodland opened Nectar in the spring of 2007 after moving to Moscow from Portland OR.  Before opening the restaurant Brett worked as a beekeeper and Nikki managed the deli at the Food Co-op where she met and developed a relationship with many of the local farmers.  It has always been their philosophy to eat and cook local food and they incorporate that sentiment as much as possible into the restaurant.  Since opening Nectar, their family has grown in size. Their three children are a common sighting at both their restaurants and they hope their presense only adds to the comfy cozy atmoshopere.  Bloom, their second restuarant venture, serves breakfast and lunch just down the street.  The newest project Brett and Nikki are tackling is turning an old yet iconic roadside motel into a trendy boutique motel.  If you drink too many cocktails you can just get a room across the street.  You're welcome.